Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm so excited!!

My sister, her husband and my nieces and nephews are moving up here right in my development in less than a month! I', more excited than I can even say.
Its going to be so great to have my sister here.
The kids are so excited and I am just so happy that the kids are going to grow up together.
I cant wait until they get here!
Our lives are going to be so much better with my family around.
My husband and I will actually be able to go out now and my sister and her husband will be able to go out. Its great to have free babysitting!
I cant wait to show my sister upstate ny, she is going to love it here.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Today Im interviewing a babysitter

So today I'm interviewing a babysitter. We need one for about 2-4 times a month so we can go out without the kids. I have my list of questions ready and just hope she has the right answers.
As a parent it is so hard to trust someone else with your kids.
I am very over protective of my kids and would just die if anything happened to them.
We usually have my mother in law watch them for us every once in a while but I need to get out more than once every few months.
The girl I am interviewing today is only 20 years old so that makes me have mixed emotions.
The good is that she is young and will probably have fun playing with the boys and will keep them entertained.
The bad, she is young and probably does not have much childcare experience.
I will find out. I require references so I will be sure to call them and find out what kind of person she is. I did talk to her on the phone and she sounded very sweet.
If I like her and I get good vibes from her references she is going to start next weekend.
I'm glad my older son is 10 so he will be able to tell me what she does and how she acts when she is here with them. If he likes her than I guess she will be our new babysitter.
If anyone has any questions you think I should ask feel free to comment. This is nerve wracking just thinking about it! My kids have never been watched by anyone other than family.

Friday, May 14, 2010

So I just watched carlies angels

Boy am I happy that I watched it before I let my 10 year boy watch it!
I had no idea how sexual the movie was. Man I would have been embarressed if I were watching that with my son. I think he would have turned beet red at some parts!

Besides that I did like the movie but it was a little outlandish.
I just think they should have made the movie a little bit more believable, I mean come on, the guy walking through fire...what was that about?

Today will be a better day!

So yesterday was my birthday and it wasnt such a great day.
I found out my lisence expired yesterday, I couldnt keep myself occupied and then I got sick after eating pizza and wings because I did not want to cook dinner.
I want to thank everyone who sent birthday wishes, It really did make my day!
Today is a new day and it will be a better one!
Today after I get the kids off to school I'm going to walk if the rain holds out then Im going to watch a movie (havnt picked one out yet) and THEN I will do my normal cleaning, laundry, vaccuming, dishes....ect
I hate that I cant drive anywhere since I dont have a good lisence, I guess Im stuck here until I go to DMV which hopefully will be this afternoon.

I have a ton of new movies that I got from hollywood videos going out of business sale so I will let you all know what I watch and if I liked it.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Today I turned 31

So today is my birthday. Im not exactly happy about it, I wish I was still in my 20's.
Oh well I guess its not so bad. I think that I really got to know who I am the past couple of years.
And I guess you are only as old as you feel right?
So I have decided I am going to have a great day. Im not going to clean today like I do ever day.
Im going to do something for me. Im going to relax, maybe watcha movie while the kids are at school, I might even break out my scrapbooking stuff which I havnt done in a long time.
Im going to make today about doing anything I want to do.
I think everyone should be able to do this for their birthday!
I guess Im lucky in that I am a stay at home mom and have the time to do what I want.
That wont be the case once summer comes! So I better enjoy it now.