Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Today Im interviewing a babysitter

So today I'm interviewing a babysitter. We need one for about 2-4 times a month so we can go out without the kids. I have my list of questions ready and just hope she has the right answers.
As a parent it is so hard to trust someone else with your kids.
I am very over protective of my kids and would just die if anything happened to them.
We usually have my mother in law watch them for us every once in a while but I need to get out more than once every few months.
The girl I am interviewing today is only 20 years old so that makes me have mixed emotions.
The good is that she is young and will probably have fun playing with the boys and will keep them entertained.
The bad, she is young and probably does not have much childcare experience.
I will find out. I require references so I will be sure to call them and find out what kind of person she is. I did talk to her on the phone and she sounded very sweet.
If I like her and I get good vibes from her references she is going to start next weekend.
I'm glad my older son is 10 so he will be able to tell me what she does and how she acts when she is here with them. If he likes her than I guess she will be our new babysitter.
If anyone has any questions you think I should ask feel free to comment. This is nerve wracking just thinking about it! My kids have never been watched by anyone other than family.

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